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Highlights from PILI’s 2020 Intern & Fellow Supervisor Evaluations

  • 100% of PILI Supervisors rated their overall experience with PILI Interns & Fellows as either “good” (12%) or “very good” (88%).
  • 100% of PILI Supervisors said their Interns & Fellows had a positive impact on their organization with 35% “positive impact” and 65% “significant positive impact.”

Supervisor satisfaction with Interns and Fellows

On a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the highest, supervisors rated their satisfaction with PILI Interns and Fellows in the following areas:

Interns Fellows
Quantity of work completed 4.7 4.7
Quality of written work 4.7 4.7
Quality of verbal presentation skills 4.6 4.7
Organization, timeliness, prioritization of tasks 4.7 4.7
Interpersonal skills with clients or callers or public 4.8 4.7
Interpersonal skills with colleagues 4.8 4.8
Conduct (reliable attendance, punctuality, professionalism) 4.8 4.8
Communication skills 4.7 4.7

Quotes from 2020 Supervisors:

This summer was absolutely wild with all of the law changes. Our Interns and Fellows have been crucial to our ability to stay on top of the constantly shifting legal landscape and continue to deliver high-quality information to our users. Don’t know where we’d be without them.

This was an incredibly challenging summer for Interns, who had to work entirely from home and had no opportunity to engage with staff or other Interns in the office. Interns did an extraordinary job negating in the work and in the life of the office despite all the obstacles.

Both the PILI Intern and Fellows were great.  Super competent, stellar work and added tremendous capacity to the team. Superb group of young people – very grateful for all of their hard work and effort.

Our PILI Intern was instrumental in helping us research issues pertaining to evictions, etc. She was helpful is drafting motions, memos, etc. She really helped attorneys during high volume times.

The impact our PILI Fellow had will be long lasting. Our pro bono partners will have better agreements and access to more trainings and templates.


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