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Named Internships

PILI Named Intern

Sponsoring a Named, Honorary or Memorial Internship makes a difference in the education of a law student, and in the lives of the low-income clients they serve during their PILI Internship. Supporting a PILI Named Internship is a sound investment that nurtures the best qualities in an emerging lawyer and creates the opportunity for healthier, safer, more prosperous futures for those benefiting from the legal assistance that emerging lawyer provides.

Donors can select the focus of the Internship position they fund:

  • a substantive area of law (health law, civil rights) as the focus of the Intern’s work;
  • a specific legal service agency from PILI's list of approved agencies as the recipient of the Named Internship;
  • a certain client or Intern demographic, such as race, gender or age;

You can also allow PILI to designate your Internship to an agency where the need is greatest. Internships can be named for the donor or in honor or memory of a colleague, friend, family member, cause, or organization.

The cost to fund a 200 hour school-year Intern is $3,575 and the cost to fund a 400 hour summer Intern is $7,150. This includes the cost of the Intern's stipend as well as additional support for cost of the educational and networking programming offered to Interns as well as PILI's administration of the program.

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For more information about sponsoring a named or honorary PILI Internship, please contact Michael Bergmann by email or by phone at 312-832-5129.