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Alumni Leadership

PILI's Alumni Network builds and maintains the connection between past PILI Interns and Fellows and the public interest law community through educational, networking, service and leadership opportunities.

Alumni Network Leadership Council »

PILI’s Alumni Network is led by the Alumni Network Leadership Council, a group of PILI Alumni committed to staying connected to PILI and public interest law, and to giving back to their community.

Alumni Council Teams »

As part of the Leadership Council, we have several Alumni Teams that focus on different aspects of Alumni outreach and engagement.

Alumni Class Representatives »

Our Alumni Class Representatives are a special group of ambassadors for PILI’s mission and work personally connect with their Intern and Fellow classmates to strengthen the community of nearly 5,000 PILI Alumni.

Interested in getting involved? Contact PILI Attorney Program Manager Arthur Surratt by email or by phone at 312-832-5130.