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Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee

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About the Committee:

The Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee is a group, comprised of lawyers and judges, that strives to enhance equal access to justice by encouraging and promoting pro bono work in the Fifth Judicial Circuit.

About the Circuit:

The Fifth Judicial Circuit is in the Fourth Appellate District and includes Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Edgar and Vermilion Counties. The Honorable Thomas O'Shaughnessy is the Chief Judge of the Fifth Circuit.


Chair: L. Kaye DeSelms Dent, DentCoulson Elder Law, LLC


Hon. Mark Bovard, Fifth Judicial Circuit
Brent Holmes, Heller, Holmes & Associates
Kaylan Huber, Kesler, Nelson, Garman, Brougher & Townsley, P.C.
Caitlin Isbell, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, Inc.
Madison C. Mullady, Attorney at Law
Hon. Thomas O'Shaughnessy, Fifth Judicial Circuit
Hon. Mitchell K. Shick, Fifth Judicial Circuit
Angelica W. Wawrzynek, Armstrong, Grove & Wawrzynek, LLC
Paul E. Wieck, Bennett, Schroeder & Wieck
Susan Zielke, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, Inc.

Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Pledge The Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Pledge recognizes the responsibility of all members of the legal profession – from corporate lawyers to law firm lawyers to solo practitioners to legal staff – to increase access to our legal system. The Pledge was officially launched at the Fifth Judicial Circuit's Pro Bono Week Celebration on October 28, 2014, and was mailed to law firms and corporations throughout the Fifth Circuit in March 2015. The signatories to the Pledge are recognized annually at the Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Celebration Dinner held each year during Pro Bono Week.

Learn more about the Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Pledge »

Committee Activities:

The committee was launched on May 31, 2013. The committee initially identified the following possible focus points for their work: (1) Developing a pro bono panel which can be used for referral of otherwise eligible applicants at Land of Lincoln who cannot be accepted for services due to a conflict of interest; (2) Legal education seminars for the public on relevant topics; (3) Recognition of ongoing pro bono in the Circuit both through and outside of Land of Lincoln; and (4) Increasing legal self-help resources.

Each year to celebrate Law Day, the committee organizes local attorneys to visit schools and make law-related presentations on or around May 1st. The committee has also planned all-day CLEs on topics relevant in many pro bono cases such as adult and child guardianships as while as Expungement Summits in across the circuit. The committee has hosted a Celebrate Pro Bono dinner and awards event each year and it is anticipated that it will do so again this year.

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