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Volunteer Spotlights

Through its statewide network of pro bono volunteers, PILI is building and nurturing a Community of Service within the Illinois Legal Community. These volunteers are critical to PILI's ability to provide assistance to individuals, families and communities in need across Illinois through our menu of pro bono opportunities.  We look forward to featuring one of our volunteers in our newsletter, The PILI Post.

Stacey McCullough

Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC

Stacey A. McCulloughStacey is a member of PILI's Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee and one of the organizers and lead volunteers behind the DuPage County Expungement Clinic. Stacey is an attorney at Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC and for over 25 years she has successfully defended those faced with various criminal charges in Chicago and the surrounding counties. Stacey shows a true commitment to her clients and is also dedicated to using her abilities to increase access to justice as demonstrated through her pro bono work. For the last several years, the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee has partnered with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of DuPage County, Prairie State Legal Services, the DuPage County Bar Association, and DuPage Legal Aid on an Expungement Clinic that provides free legal assistance to individuals seeking to clear their criminal record. The Clinic serves 100 or more clients in one day. Stacey serves on the organizing committee and dedicates numerous hours to planning the clinic and recruiting other volunteer attorneys. She also serves as a substantive legal expert and trains other attorneys so they can be prepared to volunteer at the Clinic.

After the clinic takes place, Stacey represents many of the clients in hearings to ensure they obtain relief. Stacey also serves as a pro bono resource to PILI in consulting on expungement and sealing cases and representing clients outside of the clinic. Her expertise on the local court procedures is a valuable asset and she is always happy to answer a question and be a resource to younger attorneys. Stacey also volunteers with PILI on Illinois Free Legal Answers, frequently answering questions about expungements and sealing.