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Giving Circles

Members of PILI Giving Circles are a special group of supporters who embrace our mission and take a personal interest in our success.

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Why Join a Giving Circle?

In short, because you can help more people in need by becoming a Giving Circle Member. PILI's projects are successful because they are stable. Our partner agencies and client communities depend on our long-term commitment. Giving Circle Members ensure that stability by pledging to give a specific amount each year for five years. When we know how much funding we will have years in advance, we can start projects sooner and help more people now. In addition to providing PILI with necessary funds, the commitment of Giving Circle Members also shows potential grantees that we have the backing of the community, which can play a role in funding opportunities.

Giving levels

Giving Circle members commit to give one of the following amounts annually each year for five years with a variety of payment options available such as monthly or quarterly payments.

Giving Circle Levels:
    • $2,500 - Supreme Court Giving Circle
    • $1,000 - Presiding Giving Circle
    • $750 - Justice Giving Circle
    • $500 - Magistrate Giving Circle
    • $250 - Counselor Giving Circle
    • $100 - Advocate Giving Circle
Cornerstone Society:

The Cornerstone Society is reserved for major donors who want to make a significant five year commitment to fund a specific project or support our general operations.

Examples of these types of commitments include:

    • $15,000 ($3,000/year) - Infrastructure Support
    • $17,875 ($3,575/year) - Named/Honorary School-Year Intern for Five Years
    • $25,000 ($5,000/year) - Contribution to one of PILI's Endowment Funds
    • $35,750 ($7,150/year) - Named/Honorary Summer Intern for Five Years
    • $45,000 ($9,000/year) - Choose Your Designation

Giving Circle Member Perks

With each five-year Giving Circle commitment, Giving Circle Members receive:

  • $100+: Gift of PILI swag upon initial Giving Circle pledge
  • $500+: Above & 2 free tickets to PILI's Annual Pro Bono Reception (June)
  • $1,000+: Above & recognition at PILI special events
  • $2,500+: Above & 2 free tickets to PILI's Annual Awards Luncheon (December)

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