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Alumni Spotlights

PILI Alumni Spotlight: Paul Brown, 1992 Fellow

Paul says that “because of my positive PILI Fellowship experiences, when I entered private practice I did quite a bit of pro bono work at Kirkland, including the extended representation of a client in a multi-year prisoner civil rights case and have continued doing pro bono as an in-house lawyer.”

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PILI Alumni Spotlight: Barbara R. Barreno, 2011 Fellow

“From the first day of my Fellowship, I was given a great amount of responsibility and had access to clients so I could immediately apply my skills to the organization’s cases.”

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PILI Alumni Spotlight: Jody Adler, 1979 Intern

“Working for a firm or a corporation was not why I went to law school. I was one of those idealistic people who went to law school to change the world, or at least a tiny part of it.”

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Alumni Spotlight: Max Stein, 2001 PILI Fellow

“I began going to the PILI luncheons with my grandfather, Hubert Will, a federal judge here in Chicago, and my mother, Nikki Will Stein who later became a member of the PILI Board, before I even went to law school.”

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Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Schneider, 2009 PILI Intern

“I wanted to use that experience to make connections to the public interest law world in Chicago. My PILI internship did just that.” Most importantly, says Jessica, “I learned how to be a compassionate attorney working to address those issues that affect so many in our society.”

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