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PILI Alumni Spotlight: Nichole Cain, 2005 PILI Intern

NicholeCainPILI Alumni, Nichole Cain, was a 2005 PILI Intern at the Sargent Shriver Center for Poverty Law. At that time, her work, and that of the Shriver Center, was focused heavily on housing issues, as well as PayDay loan legislation. After graduating from law school, Nichole joined the law firm of Pinzur, Cohen & Kerr, where she was an associate until 2008, when she joined the Illinois Department of Human Rights. While at Pinzur, Cohen & Kerr, Nichole handled civil rights and family law issues as well as a significant amount of small claims and personal injury cases. Nichole’s commitment to public interest law, however, motivated her to pursue her latest position. According to Nichole, “my PILI Internship solidified my inclinations that I ultimately wanted to be a public interest attorney. It was my first experience actually interacting with clients, researching issues for public interest legislation, and witnessing a large class action.” While in law school, Nichole served as Northern Illinois University’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA) President and also served as a PILI Intern Representative on the PILI Board of Directors as former Intern. She has also been an active volunteer with First Defense Legal Aid Volunteer for several years. About her experience as a PILI Intern, Nichole further explains, “I was able to actively participate in the research and drafting of legislation that was going to be sponsored. This was a very hands-on experience in the legislative process that did not present itself in any other capacity while I was a law student.”

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