Intern & Fellow Mini Project Presentations

Are you curious what other Intern’s & Fellow’s have been working on this summer? Do you want to hear more about the type of work being done at different organizations and agencies?

Come to this sharing session where each PILI or Chicago area legal intern present will be given the floor for 2-3 minutes. Please come prepared to focus your time on:

  • Something you’ve learned about an issue you focused on;
  • What you found most interesting;
  • A challenge you confronted that would be useful to share;
  • An overview of one case you worked on or a particular client interaction;
  • A review of the themes from your summer experience;
  • A lesson learned/significant take-away; or
  • Something else you find worth sharing.

This session will begin with a training to use the job board and volunteer search features on Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO), and will end with a warm welcome from the PILI Alumni Network Leadership Council.

Lunch will be provided for everyone in attendance. Registration is required for all PILI educational seminars. Please register by Wednesday, August 6th at 11 a.m. Registration is now open.