From You to Your Online Presence to Your Vote: Equality in 2018

Whole Group

Hear from several attorneys working to advance equality in 2018, including disability, LGTBQ and gender equality advocates as well as those working to protect privacy and voting rights in 2018.


  • Barry C. Taylor, VP for Civil Rights and Systemic Litigation, Equip for Equality
  • Julie Justicz, Program Development Counsel, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights
  • Jenna Prochaska, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Illinois

Enter the building at 304 South State Street and give your name to security.

Lunch will be provided for everyone in attendance. Online registration is required by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27th. If you have questions or problems with the form, please contact Belinda Bing by email or by phone at 312-832-5127.