Corporate Pro Bono Roundtable

Every year, the Corporate Pro Bono Roundtable brings together corporate pro bono leaders to discuss pro bono opportunities and challenges and to share best practices and strategies for successful pro bono programs. This event is part of PILI’s regular Pro Bono Roundtable Series.

PILI is requesting 1.25 hours of Illinois MCLE Professional Responsibility Credit for this program. Advance registration for this complementary program is required, which you can do by completing and submitting the form below. To facilitate participation especially for those outside of Chicago, a virtual participation option is available upon request. Email us »

Sustaining & Expanding Corporate Pro Bono

It is undeniable that the legal landscape and the workforce has significantly changed, but corporate legal departments remain a vital part of the pro bono landscape. As we emerge from these unprecedented times where unmet legal needs remain high, how do we best address what has changed and is still the same within the context of corporate pro bono? This program will explore our present opportunity to not just sustain but to recommit and expand your corporate pro bono program. Attendees will hear the perspective of others and engage in small group discussion on the following topics:

  • Reaffirming the Business Case for Pro Bono
  • Pro Bono in a Time of Staffing Fluctuation
  • The Intersection of Volunteer Interest & Client Need
  • Tracking & Measuring the Impact of Pro Bono
  • PILI Pro Bono Opportunities

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Have questions about this or PILI’s other pro bono programming? Please contact Arthur Surratt by email or by phone at 312-832-5130.

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