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Board Member Annual Forms

Please complete all three forms below, including the Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form, the Committee Selection Form and the Annual Board Action Plan. After completing each form, please press "Submit Form" before moving on to the next form. Contact Michael with any questions by email or at 312-832-5129.

1. Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form

Before filling out the form, please read the Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Please click submit before moving on. 

2. Committees Selections for FY2021& FY2022

Please review the list of committees and their descriptions here.

Indicate your first and second choices for committee membership for the next two fiscal years.  All board members are requested to complete this form for FY2021 & FY2022 committee assignments, with a goal of 100% of our directors serving on at least one committee.

Please click submit before moving on. 

3. Annual Board Action Plan

Consistent with the expectations of PILI board members that you received upon joining the board, we have created this annual action plan to help us better understand how you wish to contribute as a member of the PILI Board of Directors. Your meaningful engagement and commitment are critical to our success each year and to our long-term growth and impact.

All board members are expected to:

  • Donate to PILI consistent with the Board Giving Resolution
  • Attend at least one of PILI’s annual fundraising events
  • Actively participate in at least one PILI board committee

Using the form below, please select three (3) additional ways in which you are willing to support PILI.

Please click submit before exiting page.