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Advisors Needed for Summer Interns and Fellows


PILI is currently seeking Advisors for our Advising Program this summer, which matches current Law Student Interns and Graduate Fellows with members of PILI’s Alumni Network or Board of Directors.

PILI’s Advising Program is flexible to allow individual Advisors to fit the program into their own schedule. Advisors are expected to communicate with their Advisee and meet at least twice throughout the summer. Advisors often serve as an introduction to the Illinois legal community providing career guidance, networking inroads and valuable insights. PILI will provide additional support and tips to help make the relationship as beneficial as possible. We will also plan to host several opportunities throughout the summer to help the Advisor and Advisee to connect.

"It was extremely valuable to me when I was a PILI intern in law school, so I'm happy to pay it forward. I'm glad it exists and I'm glad PILI instructs mentees on how to initiate, be professional, etc."

- PILI Advisor

“My main goal was meeting a lawyer with an established career and discussing potential career paths, as well as how legal aid can be incorporated into it. My advisor from PILI’s Board of Directors was kind and helpful; I achieved the goal.”

- PILI Graduate Fellow

“My main goal was to express my career thoughts and have someone not already in my network provide candid advice for me. This was definitely achieved and I really enjoyed getting to know my advisor.”

- PILI Law Student Intern

If you are interested in serving as an Advisor, please take a moment to complete the below registration form as soon as possible, which allows us to make matches based on area-of-practice, alma maters and other factors such as relationship with one of PILI’s Participating Agencies. If you have questions about serving as an Advisor, contact Arthur Surratt by email or at 312-832-5130.

PILI will be hosting a networking reception on Thursday, May 30th at The John Marshall Law School at 5:00p.m. The reception will mark the end of our full-day Intern & Fellow Orientation and serves to both celebrate the start of our summer programs and provide an opportunity for Interns and Fellows to network with PILI Alumni and Board Members. While attendance at this event is not required to participate in the Advising Program, we hope Advisors will attend.

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