Resolution Systems Institute

The mission of RSI is to strengthen access to justice by enhancing court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems. Our unique organization advances this mission through research and evaluation of court ADR programs, dispute system design and program administration, and the curation and dissemination of resources.

An RSI PILI Fellow will have the opportunity to engage and work in the growing field of ADR. Currently, courts across the country are implementing ADR programs that provide litigants with methods to resolve disputes outside of a traditional trial. RSI focuses in court ADR and provides expert resources to courts that seek to create or improve such programs. An RSI Fellowship offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the breadth of the ADR field. You will learn about the theory and practice of U.S. court ADR methods, including mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences.

RSI PILI Fellows will work to develop and curate content for, our online Resource Center. This position provides extensive research and writing opportunities. Fellows will have the opportunity to develop these skills by engaging in in-depth research on new trends in ADR and various subsects of court ADR law. This research will be used to help develop RSI’s publications, including our topic-specific Special Topics guides. Additionally, Fellows will have the opportunity to further hone their research and writing skills by gathering information on court ADR programs throughout the country, distill this information into abstracts, and create new resources for In addition to reviewing resources, Fellows will also have the opportunity to observe RSI’s foreclosure or child protection mediation programs in Illinois.

This agency is approved to host Graduate Fellows.