Equip for Equality

Equip for Equality, Inc. is a private nonprofit, statewide organization whose mission is to advance the human and civil rights of people with disabilities by promoting the principles of equality, self-determination, and dignity. The five substantive priority areas of Equip for Equality are discrimination, community integration, safety from abuse and neglect, special education and self-determination.

Equip for Equality has a Legal Department that engages in a wide range of services for people with disabilities including information and referral, self advocacy assistance, legal advice, negotiation, and direct representation. The direct representation includes representation in administrative, state and federal forums. The Legal Department balances the requests for direct legal services with pro-active, impact litigation seeking systemic change.

Equip for Equality also has a Public Policy Department that works to achieve changes in state legislation, public policies, and programs to safeguard individual rights. Program personnel draft and secure passage of state legislation and participate in state regulatory and policy-making processes.

Equip for Equality provides students with a comprehensive legal experience in traditional legal research and writing, as well as significant opportunities in the practical aspects of disability legal and public policy work.

This agency is approved to host a Law Student Intern during the fall semester and during the summer. They are also approved to host Graduate Fellows.