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The following are testimonials about the importance and impact of PILI by our program participants.

“This has given me so much experience in the area that I wish to work in. I cannot put into words how much this has impacted my career.” - Anna Bulkowski, Summer 2021 PILI Intern

“My fellowship experience gave me a lot of hands on client experience that I don't think I would otherwise get right out of law school. I also had a lot of autonomy in how I handled client matters, which helped me develop project and time management skills, and hone my problem-solving abilities.” - Morgan Eisele, 2021 PILI Graduate Fellow

“It’s fair to say that I owe my career to PILI. I may never have worked at the Public Guardian’s Office if not for the opportunity afforded me to do so through PILI’s Graduate Fellowship Program.” - Charles Golbert, former chair, PILI Alumni Network Leadership Council

“My experience with PILI has always been rewarding and a great stepping stone into the world of pro bono for new attorneys or attorneys who are new to pro bono services.” - Abigail Fleming, Member, Tenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee

“United Airlines is proud to include PILI as a key component of its pro bono program not just because PILI supports and fosters improving access to justice for those in need, but because it does so in such effective ways.” - Steven Fus, former Assistant General Counsel at United Airlines, Inc.

“The practical experience I gained is unbeatable, and the work was fulfilling and meaningful. The program also helped me keep on track with bar prep and my schedule organized.” – Lauren DeCarlo, 2020 PILI Graduate Fellow

“The challenge of providing adequate legal services to the poor and vulnerable is profound and unrelenting. Fortunately, PILI has been there at every step of the way to confront it.” - Justice Lloyd Karmeier, former Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court

“My PILI Internship exposed me to a variety of different legal careers and allowed me to immerse myself in a career path I am particularly interested in. Moving forward, I will be able to make a better informed decision as to what my next step is." - MariaCarolina Gomez, 2021 Spring PILI Intern

“PILI is filling a key gap by uniting and rallying the Illinois legal community—both public interest and private practitioners—around the issue of enhancing services for people in Illinois in need of legal representation.” - Emily Seymore, former chair, PILI Alumni Network Leadership Council