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PILI's 2023 Theme: A Community of Service

At PILI, we believe that equal access to justice is a fundamental right. The legal community - law students, lawyers, judges and other legal professionals - have an ethical obligation to ensure this right is accessible for people with unmet legal needs. And we all know that we work best when we work together. That's why PILI’s theme for 2023 is A Community of Service.

We are focused on connecting people who can help with the individuals, families and communities who need help. We are also committed to building and maintaining the systems that our community needs to ensure the required support is available when needed. Here's a look at PILI's community, and how we're working to support everyone in our shared commitment to equal access to justice:

  • Lawyers and legal professionals count on PILI to connect them with meaningful service opportunities and provide them with educational and networking events that support their pro bono commitments.
  • Legal service agencies across the state count on PILI to provide hundreds of Interns, Fellows, and pro bono volunteers who serve thousands of clients every year.
  • Law firms and corporate legal departments count on PILI for pro bono resources, programing, and technical assistance to build and grow the impact of their pro bono programs.
  • Courts and the judiciary count on PILI to expand the help available to those in need of pro bono assistance whether through full representation or as self-represented litigants.
  • Law students, recent graduates, and law schools count on PILI to create pathways for exploring careers in public interest law and pro bono service.
  • People across the state count on PILI for help with all kinds of civil legal matters through a wide range of efforts to fill the gaps in the legal aid delivery system, like veterans and their families through Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network, our courthouse help desks for self-represented litigants, or Illinois Free Legal Answers - our virtual legal clinic.

View our video to learn more about our 2023 theme and our work.

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Learn more about how our Law Student Internship, Graduate Fellowship, Alumni, and Pro Bono Programs are engaging, inspiring and empowering the Illinois legal community to work collaboratively to increase access to justice.

When people, families and communities in need of legal services can get the help they need, our whole community is stronger. We hope you'll join us this year in building A Community of Service. Learn about volunteer opportunities and how to get involved with PILI, or make a donation to support our work today!

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For more information about PILI, our work and how you can support us, please contact PILI's Executive Director, Michael Bergmann, by email or at 312-832-5129.

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