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PILI's 2021 Theme: The Gateway to Justice

The fight for equal access to justice has been going on for years. Every year, a new class of law students and recent graduates want to join the fight. At PILI, these aspiring and new attorneys are introduced to public interest law and pro bono work through our Law Student Internship & Graduate Fellowship Programs. After they have completed their Internship or Fellowship, we also engage with them as they advance in their careers through our Alumni Network to ensure their ongoing connecting to public interest law and pro bono service.

Additionally, more and more attorneys and legal professionals want to get involved to help those in need of legal assistance. They need to know how and where to volunteer, and to be supported in their service. That is why PILI works to increase the availability of pro bono legal help across the state. Through our Pro Bono Program, we develop innovative pro bono opportunities, and expand and enhance pro bono services for those in need.

In Illinois, PILI is the gateway through which the legal community serves. PILI converts gifts of time and money into system-wide positive impact—together, we not only directly serve those who need legal help, but also engage, inspire and empower those advancing equal access to justice. Watch the video below to learn more.

We hope you will join us in opening the gateway a little wider, to help more people in need, and make justice accessible for all.

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