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Lawyers and Students Celebrate Law Day

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As part of a community outreach effort, attorneys of the Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee are volunteering at local schools to celebrate Law Day, which takes place on May 1st each year.  They will be teaching classes about relevant topics such as free speech, law and justice, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

“One of the goals of our Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees has always been to provide legal education to the public,” explained PILI’s Executive Director Michael Bergmann. “These activities will help students understand the greater system of law and justice and how it affects them.”

Local volunteer attorneys and judges, including members of the Pro Bono Committee, will visit classes in Charleston, Chrisman, Danville, Mattoon, and Paris on May 1st.  The goal is to encourage students to develop their own informed opinions concerning current events, law and justice. This year’s outreach is being planned by committee member Angel Wawrzynek of Tapella & Eberspacher.

“This volunteer opportunity provides lawyers and judges with a positive and informative way to introduce students to our legal system,” says Bergmann.

Details of the visits are as follows: (all visits will take place on May 1st unless otherwise stated)

  • Chrisman High School will be visited by L. Kaye DeSelms Dent of Frisse & Brewster Law Offices on April 26th.
  • Paris High School will be visited by Joseph Pappas of Smith Law.
  • Danville High School will be visited by William Schmitz at Spiros Law.
  • Charleston High School will be visited by Jacob Smallhorn of Hefner, Eberspacher & Tapella, Angelica Wawrzynek of Tapella & Eberspacher and Judge James Glennof the Fifth Judicial Circuit.
  • Mattoon High School will be visited by Angelica Wawrzynek on May 1st & 3rd.
  • John’s Jr. High will be visited by Sarah Hocking of Smith Law.

Learn more about the Fifth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee »

Learn more about the Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees »

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