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Support PILI with a Year End Gift

Thanks to the PILI community, PILI has been able to do more than ever over the past year to engage, inspire and empower those advancing equal access to justice. PILI has lived out this year’s theme of A Community of Service by connecting people who can help – law students, recent law school graduates, lawyers and legal professionals – with the individuals, families and communities who need help.

Here are some of the highlights from our work over the past year:

  • 113 Law Student Interns and Graduate Fellows added an additional 37,100 hours of legal assistance and advocacy to serve 2,102 clients across the state.
  • 3,782 clients received free civil legal assistance from 312 of PILI’s pro bono volunteers, including through Illinois Free Legal Answers.
  • We implemented the first of two planned stipend increases for our Law Student Interns to meet the rising cost of living.

You can learn about all of our work and impact over the last year in our 2023 Year in Review.

With your continued support, in the year to come we will:

  • Fund our largest number of Law Student Interns ever while also implementing the second step of our cost-of-living stipend increase. Summer Interns will now receive $6,500 for 400 hours of work, and school-year Interns will receive $3,500 for 200 hours.
  • Fill in the gaps of available civil legal services throughout the state through a variety of innovative and necessary pro bono projects assisting veterans, seniors, families and others in need; and
  • Provide training and resources for law students, pro bono volunteers and pro bono programs to increase the availability of pro bono legal help for those who cannot afford an attorney.

One member of the PILI community explained why they volunteer: “We have a duty as practitioners to use our legal skills to help those less fortunate. Practicing law comes with many privileges and grants us knowledge and power. We should use those skills to help individuals who may not have the same leverage.”

Your gift will help us grow and sustain our Community of Service, where the legal community works together to ensure equal access to justice is accessible for all people with unmet legal needs. Will you help our Community of Service thrive by making a donation today?

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With gratitude,

Michael G. Bergmann
Executive Director

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PILI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions are tax-deductible as allowable by law. All contributions to PILI also qualify under the Illinois Supreme Court’s Pro Bono Reporting Rule.

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