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Thank You for a Successful Giving Tuesday!

Last month, PILI held its 2022 Giving Tuesday campaign, which was organized by PILI’s Young Professionals Board (YPB). Due to the incredible generosity of everyone who responded to our Giving Tuesday campaign, PILI received over $6,000 in donations to support our efforts in ensuring access to justice across Illinois. Congratulations and thank you to PILI’s YPB who took the initiative and whose time and efforts made this Giving Tuesday a success. Thanks too to all of our donors who made their own impact to help those in need across Illinois.

In relation to PILI’s 2022 theme: Take the Initiative, we asked PILI staff and YPB members, “What does volunteering mean to you?” We also asked them to complete the sentence, “I volunteer because…” Some pictures from those on the YPB and staff with their answers are shown below.

The season of giving does not have to stop here. Learn about all the ways to get involved and support PILI.

Also, save the date for our next Young Professionals Board event, Arcade for Legal Aid from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on April 12, 2023 at which we will be celebrating the YPB’s 5th anniversary.


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