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Take The Initiative: Support Our Work with a Year-End Gift

Heading into 2022, PILI is asking our network and supporters to take the initiative to expand free legal services in Illinois for those in need. As part of our 45th anniversary celebration, we will be following our founder’s footsteps to engage, inspire and empower those advancing equal access to justice in the new year.

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In 1977, PILI’s founders wanted to engage more law students in public interest law. They took the initiative and created PILI’s Law Student Internship Program. Over the last year alone, 62 Interns helped 2,086 clients in need.

In 1983, they then wanted to connect incoming law firm associates with pro bono service early in their career. They took the initiative and created PILI’s Graduate Fellowship Program. Over the last year, 63 Fellows helped 520 clients in need.

In 1999, public interest law leaders wanted to encourage more pro bono work within the private bar. They took the initiative and created PILI’s Pro Bono Initiative. Over the last year, 85 pro bono volunteers helped 196 clients in need and 214 volunteers answered 3,587 questions on Illinois Free legal Answers.


In 2011, pro bono leaders wanted to increase pro bono across Illinois. They took the initiative and expanded statewide by creating PILI’s Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees. Now, 11 Judicial Circuits have Pro Bono Committees covering 54 counties across the state and PILI’s training and CLEs had over 700 attendees.

In 2022, it’s our turn to take the initiative. This year marks the 45th anniversary of PILI’s founding. With your help, we can take action to ensure that Illinoisans across the state have access to necessary legal services. PILI turns financial contributions into system-wide positive impact by providing Internships, Fellowships, pro bono opportunities and more. Your support is vital to providing these services. PILI sincerely appreciates all contributions.

Your donation can help future “PILIs” like Joseph, who said: “I enjoy being a PILI Intern because of my commitment to helping low-income people secure individual rights to affordable housing, basic healthcare, fair working conditions, protection from abuse, and economic stability.”

You can make an online donation using the form below. Can’t see the form? Click here.

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Thank you for taking the initiative with us!

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