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Make a Fiscal Year-End Donation to Support PILI

Dear friends and supporters:

At PILI, we believe that equal access to justice is a fundamental right. We are focused on connecting people who can help with individuals, families and communities in need. And we all know that we work best when we work together. That is why PILI’s theme for 2023 is A Community of Service. Thanks to the PILI community – made up of volunteers and donors like YOU – we can provide these services across the state.

PILI’s Law Student Internship and Graduate Fellowship Programs remain at the center of our work and provide a start for a new generation of lawyers to learn about and commit to public interest law and pro bono service while remaining connected to PILI and the public interest law community through our Alumni Network.

  • With the support of the PILI community, we are in the process of raising our Law Student Internship stipend, ensuring that these students can cover their living expenses while they give their time and talent to help others.
  • Over the last year, our community of Law Student Interns and Graduate Fellows have collectively provided an additional 38,800 hours of legal assistance to those in need.

Through our Pro Bono Program, we continue to increase the availability of pro bono legal help across Illinois for those who cannot afford an attorney.

  • We manage Illinois Free Legal Answers, a virtual civil legal aid clinic that is easy to use and convenient for clients and volunteers alike through which our volunteer community answered 3,335 civil legal questions in 2022.
  • Other pro bono opportunities include, assisting veterans and active-duty military through the Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network (IL-AFLAN), providing brief advice to self-represented litigants through court-based help desks, helping clients in need with nowhere else to turn through our Conflict of Interest Pro Bono Referral Panels, and much more!

One member of the PILI community explained why they volunteer: “PILI serves as a hub for pro bono within the Illinois legal community and ensures pro bono legal help for those who cannot afford an attorney in Illinois.” None of this would be possible without you – our community of supporters. Will you help our Community of Service thrive by making a donation today?

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Thank you for your support; we couldn’t do it without you!


Michael G. Bergmann
Executive Director

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