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Meet the 2020 Class of Summer Interns and Fellows

Meet the 2020 Class of Summer Interns and Fellows

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PILI is excited to welcome the 2020 class of summer Interns and Fellows! This year, 48 summer Law Student Interns and 63 Graduate Fellows will provide 38,100 hours of legal services.

Summer 2020 Law Student Interns come from 19 law schools and include rising 2Ls and 3Ls. They will each provide 400 hours of legal services at 30 legal service agencies, for a total of 19,200 hours served.

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Our 2020 Graduate Fellows come from 20 law schools and are sponsored by 16 law firms. They will each provide 300 hours of legal services between graduation and joining their firm, for a total of 18,900 hours served at one of 60 legal service agencies.

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Each summer, PILI organizes the Educational Seminar Series for Interns and Fellows. This year, these seminars will be virtual and they are open to any intern working in public interest law or at a government agency, regardless of whether they receive PILI funding. You can find more information and receive updates about these programs here.

We look forward to meeting our summer class on Thursday, May 28th for the virtual Intern & Fellow Orientation. This program is also open to all interns and provides a solid foundation from which PILI Interns and Fellows can better serve their clients and organizations this summer.

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