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Give the Gift of Justice this Holiday Season

At PILI, we talk a lot about increasing access to justice, but what do we mean by justice?

If veterans fight for our country, but can’t get legal help when they need it, that’s not justice. That’s why PILI connects veterans with pro bono lawyers through the Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network to help with benefits and other civil legal issues.

If a small business or nonprofit doesn’t have a fair chance to get its start, that’s not justice. That’s why PILI places Graduate Fellows at nonprofit organizations like those that help new businesses and nonprofits work through the legal barriers to get started.

If a child with a learning disability doesn’t receive a good education, that’s not justice. That’s why PILI funds Law Student Interns to provide legal assistance such as helping make sure children are given an equitable education experience.

If someone loses their home because they don’t understand eviction court and can’t afford a lawyers, that’s not justice. That’s why PILI manages the Illinois Free Legal Answers website where people in need of legal assistance can ask lawyers questions online.

Justice means not leaving people behind. Justice means opportunity. Justice means equity. Justice means having a safe and stable place to call home. Your support will ensure that PILI continues its work to advance justice. Give the gift of justice this holiday season.

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