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PILI Announces School-Year Internship Allocations

This coming fall and spring, PILI will fund 15 Law Student Interns at 10 legal service agencies in Chicago. This is PILI’s largest class of school-year Interns ever.

As PILI Executive Director Michael Bergmann explains, growth in the school-year Internship Program is part of strategic growth in the larger Internship Program overall, which has increased by over 30% in the last five years. “PILI has been operating a summer Internship Program for nearly 40 years, and a school-year program for almost 20,” he said. “More and more, the legal service agencies where we place Interns are telling us that as much as they want more summer PILI Interns, their need for Interns is most acute during the school year.”

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PILI’s Participating Agencies are grateful for the extra capacity Interns add during the school year. “Having school-year PILI Interns helps us maintain consistency on the work capacity our office has,” one Intern supervisor said. “We love our PILI Interns,” said another. “They are vital to our work.”

Six of these Internship positions, three in the fall and three in the spring, are made possible by special funding commitments from Baker & McKenzie LLP, the Chicago Bar Foundation, and the LAGBAC (Lesbian And Gay Bar Association of Chicago) Foundation. Learn more about PILI’s Named and Honorary Internships »

Second and third-year law students in the Chicago area can apply now for fall semester PILI Internships. The application period for spring semester Internships will open on November 1st.

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