School-Year Intern Evaluation & Service Tracking FAQ

What are Service Tracking Forms?

PILI asks Interns to complete a service tracking form to report on the types of work you are doing and the clients you are serving at your agency this semester. The service tracking form also includes an evaluation of your PILI Internship experience.

Why does PILI require Service Tracking Forms?

PILI uses the information from service tracking forms for two purposes: to help us improve our Internship Program and to inform our funders about the program’s impact. Having complete and accurate reports for our funders helps us secure funding for this program in the future.

What specifically will I be asked to report?

Service Tracking Forms ask you to report on the following items:

Direct Legal Services, the provision of legal services by an attorney directly to a client or group of clients, typically including long-term engagement by the client for assistance with the legal issue or matter. Direct Legal Services may include representing a client in court proceedings or negotiating on behalf of a client with another party, among other things.

Brief Legal Services, the provision of legal services by an attorney who does not represent the client or take over the entire case, but performs specific services such as appearing at one hearing, providing legal advice at a legal help desk or through a hotline.

Other legal work, such as legal or policy research/writing, drafting/reviewing legislation, lobbying, class actions/impact litigation, field investigation, and community outreach.

Number of clients to which you provided direct or brief services during the given time frame and type of clients: women, children, people of color, people with disabilities, seniors, LGBTQ, or community groups.

To help you track your clients, PILI created a Client Service Tracking Sheet (pdf). This is an optional tool to help you keep track of the work you do and clients you serve, and to help you provide accurate feedback to PILI about your Internship.

The Internship Program evaluation helps PILI learn more about your experience as a PILI Intern. Your honest and thoughtful responses to this evaluation will help us provide law student interns with a meaningful and educational internship experience in the future.

The service tracking form and evaluation will be sent to you via e-mail toward the end of your PILI Internship. We thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Of course, if you are having any problems or issues with your Internship that you would like PILI to address immediately, don’t wait for us to send out an evaluation at the end of the semester – please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or problems during your Internship, please contact PILI Senior Managing Attorney Brent Page by email or by phone at 312-832-5128.