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PILI’s Internship Stipend

Intern & Supervisor

Interns are paid $6,500 for 400 hours full-time during the summer and $3,250 for 200 hours part-time during the semester, less applicable taxes.

Unlike many internship programs, PILI does not pay stipends directly to our Interns.  Rather, PILI makes a grant directly to the agency in the amount of the stipend. Interns are then paid by the agency based on the payroll procedures as a regular, temporary employee. This means Interns will receive a regular paycheck (typically on a monthly or bi-monthly basis) for the duration of their Internship. Interns will not receive the stipend as a lump sum at the beginning of the Internship and taxes will be deducted.

Additionally, PILI permits Interns to receive law school credit in addition to their stipend if approved by both their law school and their agency.

If you are a PILI Intern and experience any issues receiving your paycheck from your agency, or if you do not receive the full amount less applicable taxes, please contact PILI's Attorney Program Manager Arthur Surratt by email or at 312-832-5130 immediately.