PILI Virtual Pro Bono CLE Series: Diversity & Inclusion

Join us for this free statewide CLE series to learn about timely pro bono legal topics!  We will be hosting these virtual CLEs every 2nd Thursday of the month at noon for 1.0 hour of CLE credit throughout the rest of 2020.

Racial Bias and Decision Making: The Foundation of Diversity and Inclusion

Latasha Barnes, Attorney, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and member of the Racial Justice Institute

This course will cover what bias is, how it forms, what impact it has on decision-making and how to mitigate that effect. It will cover why attorneys need to be aware of their biases and how it affects them and their client relationships. Join us to learn how diversity and inclusion is related to the concept of racial bias.

PILI has been approved of 1.0 hour of Diversity & Inclusion MCLE credit for this specific program. This CLE series will focus on judicial circuits in which PILI operates a Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee, but all are welcome.

These CLE programs are free, but we ask that you do at least one of the following over the next 12 months:

  • Answer two Illinois Free Legal Answers questions for every hour of CLE Credit;
  • Sign up for one shift at a Self-Represented Litigant Help Desk for every hour of CLE Credit (Third, Sixth & Tenth Circuits);
  • Take one pro bono case through Land of Lincoln, Prairie State or PILI or other local legal aid organization.

This event has passed but you can view a recording of the CLE training on PILI’s website. If you have any questions or for the password to access the free CLE, email Brent Page.

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