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Alumni Named Internship Campaign

Susan and Kejai, edited

Donations from Alumni of PILI's Internship & Fellowship Programs and funds raised at Alumni events are used to directly support PILI Intern stipends, helping ensure that more law students and new lawyers have the same opportunity they had to participate in our Internship & Fellowship Programs.

Donations from PILI Alumni now support two Interns every summer. Join the campaign and make a contribution today!

Make a donation to the PILI Alumni Named Internship Fund:

Your support makes a difference!

Here's what our Interns and Participating Agencies are saying about how PILI made a difference for them:

"I have helped place children in stable environments where their best interests will be served. I have helped place disabled adults under the care of those who will serve their best interests. I have helped families take steps towards finalizing adoption. This was fully hands-on work with a lot of face to face client interaction, which will make my future advocacy on behalf of my clients even stronger.” - Kejai McNeal, 2015 PILI Alumni Named Intern

"Being able to put my legal knowledge to use to help others is so rewarding! Thanks for an amazing Internship experience." - 2015 PILI Intern

“The amount of work and people served vastly increases each summer with the help of Interns and Fellows.” - PILI Participating Agency