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2019 Distinguished Intern Alumni Award: Candace Moore

Candace Moore is a 2013 graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She was a PILI Intern at BPI and also interned at the Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights where she then worked as a staff attorney. While there, she helped to establish the organization’s Education Equity Project to protect and promote access to education by addressing the individual and systematic barriers that disproportionately impact disadvantaged communities. Earlier this year, Candace was named the first Chief Equity Office for the City of Chicago. She is now responsible for building up the Office of Equity and Racial Justice which seeks to support and build capacity for advancing equity in the city’s service delivery, decision-making, and resource allocations.

“Candace is brilliant, dynamic, strategic, and deeply passionate about racial equity, especially on behalf of children of color in our city and state. Candace is not only a rising star in Chicago but increasingly recognized nationally as a leading voice for racial equity in government and across sectors.”

– Bonnie Allen, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights

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