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2019 Distinguished Public Service Award: Allen C. Schwartz

Allen C. Schwartz has served as the Executive Director of CARPLS since 2003. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law before moving to Chicago in 1991 upon completing his clerkship with Judge Gerald E. Rosen, U.S. Court, Eastern District of Michigan, and worked in private practice before joining CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) as a program director. In 1993, Al was hired as CARPLS’ first staff attorney and answered the first hotline phone call. CARPLS was the first legal aid hotline in the country and through Al’s leadership and innovation has become the largest and most cost effective.Al pioneered software that equips CARPLS attorneys to deliver high-quality, fast-paced and customized brief services through more than 60,000 legal consultations annually on any type of legal matter.CARPLS services enable litigants to navigate the justice system much more smoothly and efficiently.

“In his 26-years with CARPLS, Al has championed CARPLS’ staff, volunteers, and board members to do the inspiring work that has helped so many. Al never loses sight of what’s most important: advocating for our clients.”

– David B. H. Williams, CARPLS Board President

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