Lawndale Christian Legal Center

LCLC’s mission is to provide legal services grounded in restorative justice for youth in the Lawndale area.  LCLC serves North Lawndale youth, age 24 and younger, who are currently involved in the adult or juvenile criminal justice system. LCLC serves youth diverted through the Juvenile Intervention Support Center (JISC), those with pending cases, and those on probation, supervision, or parole as LCLC stays with youth through their entire duration with the criminal justice system, from the time of arrest through the end of any sentencing period.

Provided in a community based setting, LCLC’s unique services include an integration of full legal representation; case management; one-on-one mentoring; workforce development; legal education; educational advocacy; after school programming; and mental health counseling. LCLC’s goal is that each youth receives the services of both an attorney and a case manager, who work in tandem to help youth develop effective skills to walk through – and away from – the criminal justice system to become good citizens and leaders of their community.

The PILI Fellow can expect to conduct intake sessions with potential youth and present intake reports at the weekly meeting at which LCLC’s Selection Committee votes to take a case. Once a youth is accepted into LCLC’s program, the PILI Fellow, under the direction of LCLC’s Lead Attorney, will represent youth in misdemeanor and felony cases in both juvenile and adult court, meeting with youth, including those in custody, accompanying them to court appearances, working on plea negotiations with the State’s Attorney’s Office, and advising youth of their rights and responsibilities. The PILI Fellow will conduct case investigations, visiting crime scenes, interviewing witnesses, and collecting evidence. The PILI Fellow will perform comprehensive legal research and draft subpoenas, motions, and briefs and also co-chair cases with the Lead Attorney, arguing motions and conducting trials. Legal fellows further represent youth in bond court, at detention hearings, preliminary hearings, arraignment, pre-trial evidentiary hearings, 402 conferences, status dates, trial, parole hearings, and violation of probation hearings.

This agency is approved to host Graduate Fellows.