Elder Law & Miscellaneous Remedies (ELMR) Division, Circuit Court of Cook County

The Elder Law & Miscellaneous Remedies (ELMR) Division, Circuit Court of Cook County hears matters that involve litigants age 60 and older pertaining to the Adult Protective Services Act, the Illinois Power of Attorney Act, Domestic Violence offenses and certain criminal offenses in which the victim is age 60 or older.

The ELMR Division is the only division of its kind in the United States of America, and has three components: the elder protection courts, the Cook County Elder Justice Center (CCEJC) and community outreach. The CCEJC is a free resource center for Cook County residents, ages 60 and above. It was established in 2013 to enhance and improve seniors’ interactions with the court system and empower seniors by providing them with tools to avoid abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. The CCEJC provides, through its programs, assistance with legal and social service issues. The CCEJC engages in community outreach and host bi-weekly senior enrichment seminars on topics of interest to seniors.

PILI Fellows will be responsible for conducting legal research, observing legal proceedings, preparation of legal memoranda, communicating with counsel regarding case management and procedural requirements, and assisting ELMR Division judges during courtroom proceedings as well as other administrative duties. Fellows will receive assignments in various legal areas including researching elder law related topics as well as producing memoranda, reports and presentations on such topics as requested. Fellows will have the opportunity to assist the Division with implementation of both new and ongoing initiatives. To aid the CCEJC with education and outreach programs, Fellows will research topics to be covered by senior enrichment seminars and generate comprehensive informational materials for seminar participants. Fellows are expected to work cooperatively with chambers staff and court personnel.

Please be advised that pursuant to the Circuit Court of Cook County personnel rules, all persons working on behalf of the court  must submit to a background check  and drug test.

This agency is approved to host Graduate Fellows.