Citizen Advocacy Center

The Citizen Advocacy Center builds democracy for the 21st century by strengthening public participation in community affairs. CAC believes in developing self-government. Three principal features distinguish us from other public interest and community organizations: 1) we are involved in a wide range of community issues; 2) we are not a legal intake office, but provide free assistance to individuals and community groups on issues of public concern; and 3) we litigate when necessary, but emphasize non-litigation approaches to strengthen the democratic process and to empower all citizens.

CAC promotes individual and community efforts to resolve contemporary societal problems in the western and far western suburbs of Chicago; we further public knowledge of democratic tools — open government laws, voter initiative and referendum, and access to the airwaves and the electronic networks; we stimulate citizen awareness and involvement in the community; we help citizens act on issues of public significance by guiding them through the maze of laws, rules, regulations and red tape; and we litigate on behalf of select citizen causes to confront undemocratic abuses of local power. CAC also monitors local governments at the local levels.

PILI Interns & Fellows work on a wide range of advocacy, from writing letters to the editor to all aspects of litigation. They gain significant experience in public speaking, community organizing, legal research and writing, teaching, and shaping legal strategy.

This agency is approved to host a Law Student Intern during the summer. They are also approved to host Graduate Fellows.