Public Interest Law Initiative

Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee

About the Committee:

The Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee is a group, comprised of lawyers and judges, that strives to enhance equal access to justice by encouraging and promoting pro bono work in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit. Launched in 2017, the Committee is affiliated with the DuPage County Bar Association.

About the Circuit:

The Eighteenth Judicial Circuit is in the Second Appellate District and includes DuPage County. The Honorable Daniel P. Guerin is the Chief Judge of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.


Chair: Walter Jackowiec

Vice-Chair: Mark Schmidt


David Clark
Jeannette DeGrange
Ted Donner
Hon. Paul Marchese
Stacey McCullough
Mia McPherson
Barb Mendralla
Clarissa Myers
Cecilia Najer
Matt Pfeiffer
Melissa Piwowar
Robert Rupp
Michael Sitrick
Jessica Wollwage-Rymut


PILI committee builds on DuPage’s pro bono efforts (April 2017)


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