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Tenth Judicial Circuit Conflict of Interest Pro Bono Referral Panel Pilot Program

The Tenth Judicial Circuit Conflict of Interest Pro Bono Referral Panel Pilot Program will provide a referral source for Prairie State Legal Services’ Peoria Office to send potential clients to who have been denied service due to the existence of a conflict of interest between Prairie State and the potential client. This referral option will be available to potential clients who contact Prairie State through their hotline or who apply through the Peoria office directly.

A potential client is only eligible for referral to the program if they have been denied services by Prairie State due to a conflict and the potential client has been referred to the program by Prairie State. If you are a client looking for services, you must first reach out to your local legal aid office for assistance. Learn more at »

Geographic Scope: This program will serve potential clients from the Tenth Judicial Circuit who reside in Marshall, Peoria, Stark and Tazewell Counties with a legal issue within the circuit, or clients who do not reside in the Circuit but have a legal issue within the Circuit. During the initial pilot, the program will not be able to assist those who reside in or have a legal issue in Putnam County. The program cannot assist a person who resides in the Circuit but whose legal problem is in another Circuit.

Case Types: Only civil legal matters that are not fee generating are eligible for possible placement through this program. Because Prairie State may not be aware of the type of legal issue for which the potential client is seeking assistance, it is possible that Prairie State may refer to PILI case types with which PILI is not able to provide assistance.

Financial Eligibility: To be eligible for referral to a pro bono attorney through this program, a prospective client must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Financial eligibility is determined by PILI, not Prairie State.

Want to volunteer? If you are interested in taking on a pro bono case through the Conflict of Interest Pro Bono Referral Panel, please fill out the form below.

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