Public Interest Law Initiative

Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees


PILI, in conjunction with Prairie State Legal Services and Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, has developed pro bono committees at the judicial circuit level to promote and encourage pro bono to the private bar.

The Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees strive to increase equal access to justice by promoting and enhancing pro bono legal services within a specific judicial circuit by:

  • Raising awareness of the need for free or low-cost legal services;
  • Identifying and reducing barriers to providing free or low-cost legal services;
  • Promoting pro bono legal services and recruiting attorneys to participate in existing pro bono programs; and
  • Recognizing the pro bono contributions of attorneys.

Each Committee consists of members of the judiciary as well as pro bono leaders from local law firms, corporations, bar associations, and public interest law organizations. All of the Committees differ in size and their goals vary depending on the local make-up of the circuit.

PILI has launched Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees in the following circuits. Follow the link to learn more about each Committee, the membership, current projects and upcoming events within the circuit:

Third Circuit »
Fifth Circuit »
Sixth Circuit »
Tenth Circuit »
Eleventh Circuit »
Fourteenth Circuit »

PILI’s Pro Bono Pledge is being launched through our Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees, in recognition of the responsibility of all members of the legal profession – from corporate lawyers to law firm lawyers to solo practitioners to legal staff – to increase access to our legal system. The Pledge has been launched in the Third, Fifth, Sixth, Tenth and Fourteenth Judicial Circuits.

For more information about PILI’s Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees, contact PILI Program Director Beth Jensen by email or at 309-999-9890.

Upcoming Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee Events:

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