Public Interest Law Initiative

Giving Tuesday 2018

November 27, 2018 is Giving Tuesday! This is global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. PILI has a goal to raise $20,000 between Giving Tuesday and our Annual Awards Luncheon on December 5th.

Follow these steps to join PILI in our social media campaign! Feel free to copy and paste the example posts to you own social media page.

1. Follow PILI on Social Media

2. Share the “PILI in One” Word Video.

You can copy this link and share it to your social media page with a comment about why you support PILI.

Example comment to post with video: “This video captures all the things I love about PILI! Consider donating to this wonderful organization for Giving Tuesday at”

3. Create Your Own “PILI in One Word” sign to share on social media

Print the page here. Write your one word for PILI, and take a picture of yourself with it. Post it on your social media with an explanation about why you support PILI and tag PILI in the photo.

Example comment to post with picture: “My one word to describe PILI is “collaboration” because they work together with the entire Illinois legal community to provide legal services for those in need. Please donate to this fantastic organization for Giving Tuesday at”

4. Create your own fundraiser on social media

The easiest way to do this is on Facebook. Follow this link and click the “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization” button on the bottom. Search for “Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)” and you’re on your way!

You can also share PILI’s donate page link ( on any social media platform and make a donation that way yourself as well.

Donate Now

Example post for your fundraiser: “PILI is important to me because they funded my summer Internship in law school and helped me start my public interest law career. Please help me support this organization by donating for #GivingTuesday!”

5. Educate your followers about PILI

Want to share more than one word about PILI? Use the pictures and facts below to share more about PILI and encourage your followers to donate!

Example comment with picture: “PILI does so much to increase access to legal services for those in need. Please join me in supporting their work for #GivingTuesday at”

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