Public Interest Law Initiative

Tenth Judicial Circuit CLE

Guardianships & Child Support

10th Circuit CLE 12-13

The Tenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee hosted this CLE, which covered the ins and outs of minor and adult guardianship as well as the new child support rules and how to calculate income shares in different situations. This program was co-sponsored by Prairie State Legal Services.


  • Susan Dawson-Tibbits of Johnson, Bunce & Noble, PC
  • Michael Fleming of Michael A. Fleming, P.C.
  • James F. Kane of Johnson, Bunce & Noble, PC

Organizers applied for 2.75 hours of MCLE credit. This event was complimentary. Attendees were encouraged to take on an additional pro bono matter in the coming year.

Learn more about the Tenth Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee »

Venue: Commerce Bank Building

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