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Typical periods for development steps and abilities References 2nd–5th month: Smiles spontaneously 1 buy reminyl 8mg with amex medicine in spanish. Apte SS discount 8 mg reminyl visa medicine 5852, Kenwright J (1994) Physeal distraction and cell prolifera- 2nd–4th month: Head control tion in the growth plate. J Bone Joint Surg (Br) 76: 837–43 3rd–6th month: Turns from a prone to a supine 2. Carpenter JE, Hipp JA, Gerhart TN, Rudman CG, Hayes WC, Trippel position and vice versa SB (1992) Failure of growth hormone to alter the biomechanics 5th–8th month: Sits independently of fracture-healing in a rabbit model. J Bone Joint Surg (Am) 74: 359–67 6th–9th month: Pulls itself up using furniture, 3. De Pablos J, Canadell J (1990) Experimental physeal distraction in starts to stand immature sheep. Draenert K, Draenert Y (1995) Die Bedeutung der Blutgefäße auf 10th–16th month: Drinks from a cup beiden Seiten der Wachstumsfuge. Elmer EB, Ehrlich MG, Zaleske DJ, Polsky C, Mankin HJ (1992) 14th–22nd month: Climbs stairs Chondrodiastasis in rabbits: A study of the effect of transphyseal bone lengthening on cell division, synthetic function, and micro- 14th–30th month: Combines 2 different words circulation in the growth plate. Hope PG, Crawfurd EJ, Catterall A (1994) Bone growth following lengthening for congenital shortening of the lower limb. J Pediatr Orthop 14: 339–42 During childhood growth proceeds at a constant rate (and 8. Hunter J (1837) The works of John Hunter, FRS (JF Palmer, vol 4) certainly does not occur in the »spurts« frequently percei- 9. Kölliker A (1873) Die normale Resorption des Knochengewebes ved by parents). Lee DY, Chung CY, Choi ICH (1993) Longitudinal growth of the rab- es associated with sexual maturation and the pubertal bit tibia after callotasis. Morscher E (1968) Strength and morphology of growth cartilage under hormonal influence of puberty. Müller H (1848) Über die Entwicklung der Knochensubstanz nebst The influence of growth must always be considered Bemerkungen über den Bau rachitischer Knochen. Z Wiss Zoolo- when evaluating orthopaedic problems in children and gie 9: 147 adolescents. The means are supplemented by knowledge of the natural growth processes. In certain types of dysostosis, the children are smaller than the figure for the 3rd percentile, ratio of upper to lower leg length and of upper arm to 25% are smaller than the 25th percentile etc. Stunted growth is the term used to does not remain constant throughout physical develop- refer to children below the 3rd percentile, while dwarfism ment. While it largely follows a linear pattern during child- involves a (presumed) final height of less than 150 cm. The fastest growth occurs during pregnancy and in the first year of life. Growth then remains constant for several years until the onset of the pubertal growth spurt, which occurs some 2 years earlier, on average, in girls than in boys. Height is dependent on the rate of growth and is com- pared against standardized values. These standardized values are based on the statistical analysis of very large populations. Unfortunately, most of the corresponding tables are already several years old and, given the phe- nomenon of acceleration, no longer accurately reflect the current situation, since children now grow taller, on aver- age, than they did 20 years ago ( Chapter 1. Growth curve for girls: Height with mean and percentiles certain degree of dispersion. Phases of physical development from birth to adulthood Age group Age Subdivision Age Infancy 0 to 1. The heels and head should be in contact with of the spinal column) is much faster during this period the wall and the child should look straight ahead. To this end, the has peaked (or in the middle of the spurt), the menarche 2 patient sits on a (hard) chair with known seat height.

Nicolas Andry: Title page of the book L’Orthopédie ou L’art de traumatic changes discount reminyl 8mg in treatment 1-3, one skeleton was discovered with signs Prévenir et de Corriger dans les Enfants order reminyl 8mg visa moroccanoil treatment, les Difformités du Corps. Numerous cases of clubfoot par des Moyens à la Portée des Pères et des Mères, et de toutes les Person- nes qui ont des Enfants à élever, 1741. The woman holds the »Regula and equinus deformity of the foot, as well as hereditary recti», or straight rule, for measuring the straightness of children diseases, have been observed in mummies. The visual art of ancient Egypt reveals numerous images of dwarfism, and even Ptah, the Egyptian god of the dead, and the god Bes are often depicted as (achondroplastic? Certain illustrations show evidence of the presence of poliomyelitis [1, 3, 7–9]. Hippocrates (born in 370 BC) was the first to provide a written record of diseases. He would have been well acquainted with congenital conditions such as clubfoot, hip dislocation and scoliosis. Traumatology and tubercu- losis played an important role even during that era. Bone curvature in children was described in the early post- Christian period (around 110 AD) by Soranus of Ephesus – evidently referring to rickets. It was only in 1650 that this disease was eventually described in detail in Glisson’s treatise. Rickets doubtless played a substantial role in past centuries, primarily in northern countries. Nevertheless, while Glisson believed that the curva- ture of the spine was also attributable to this condition, this was likely to be the case in only a few instances. Nicolas Andry: The famous illustration from the book L’Or- thopédie ou L’art de Prévenir et de Corriger dans les Enfants, les Difformités »idiopathic« or neurogenic in origin. The crooked tree splinted by a rope to a straight post cause of these conditions remains unexplained. The only has become the globally recognized symbol of orthopaedics difference is that we can now describe it in more sophisti- 18 Chapter 1 · General cated terms. At all times, however, paralytic scoliosis due ten or graphic portrayals of such treatments. Only the use 1 to poliomyelitis has probably been more prevalent than of crutches has been depicted repeatedly in records from idiopathic scoliosis. But the era of corrective measures vaccination at the start of the 1950’s that this disease was starts with Hippocrates. He described corrective manipu- finally eradicated, first in the industrial nations and nowa- lations similar to those that are still in use today. Only in recent years has there been a de- correcting the position of the foot. A similar situation also applies, Hippocrates was also doubtless familiar with congeni- incidentally, to idiopathic scoliosis. The frequency of tal hip dislocation, even though he was unable to offer a inherited systemic disorders is very closely dependent on corresponding treatment. For curvatures of the spine he the degree of relationship of the parents and is therefore recommended the following treatment: The patient is tied also indirectly influenced by religious, cultural and social to an upright ladder either by the feet or around the chest. This ladder is then repeatedly raised using ropes and al- The idea that incest might be sinful only emerged in the lowed to fall under its own weight. The consequences of marriage between the application of the extension principle, which was relatives were no doubt observed and clear conclusions subsequently described in the book Chirurgia è Graeco in drawn. Thus we read in Deuteronomy 27, verse 22: Latinum conuersa by Guido Guidi (Vidus Vidius, approx. While fractures were The taboo of inbreeding has persisted in the Jewish and treated with this material right from the start, this ap- Christian religion to the present day. This taboo is less strict plication of plaster only reached Europe at the end of the in the Islamic social order and is also less likely to be ob- 18th century. As a result, hereditary The options for conservative treatment were neither diseases are more common in these societies, although such significantly extended nor refined during the Middle illnesses – particularly among primitive peoples – have not Ages. Although the archetype as it were of the brace was become a social problem. Even today in certain tribes, created with the arrival of medieval iron armor, this did children with obvious birth defects are abandoned and left not have any corrective effect, nor was it used as a thera- out to be killed by wild animals.

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